Meeting Responsibilities at Orono Rotary

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Our club meetings rely on all members pitching in and helping with the running of the meeting. We cannot just show up and expect everything to be done for us. The three following club duties are rotated among all members, including all officers and board members. There is no escape! If you are assigned a duty, it is your responsibility to complete all of the assigned tasks. If you cannot, then you are responsible for finding a replacement. The quality of our meetings and its environment depend on responsible participation.



Get Speaker Duties


Diane Malone is responsible for maintaining the Speaker list and reminding members to get speakers on their assigned dates. There will be occasions when a speaker will be scheduled by Diane for your assigned dates. This is particularly true when an interesting speaker has been engaged by another club member, and the speaker is only available at very limited times.


We encourage all members to constantly be on the lookout for interesting speakers. If you find someone and the scheduled "speaker-getter" hasn't filled the slot, it is available to be filled. Diane will notify you by e-mail if your spot has been filled. She will also send out e-mail reminders the month before you are a "speaker-getter".


Diane’s email address ( is also listed in our newsletter.


 When you find a speaker, please do the following:


Notify Diane as soon as possible so she can update the schedule and, if it isn't your turn, she will notify

the scheduled speaker-getter their slot has been filled.

Provide the name, topic and contact information of the speaker. Ask the speaker whether any equipment

is needed. Please be specific - do they need the screen or do they also need a laptop and/or projector,


If you are not sure whether the proposed topic has been recently presented, please check with Diane.

We want to keep the topics varied.

We will occasionally allow elected officials to speak, but we are not a political club, so keep this in

mind when choosing your speakers.

On the day your speaker is scheduled, you need to arrive early and help him/her set up or answer

any questions he/she might have. You should also be prepared to introduce the speaker. Ask your speaker as to how they wished to be introduced.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let Diane know.



Greeter/Host Duties

Arrive by 7AM AT THE LATEST Set up the flag if it is not already up. Set up the greeter station at the entrance. The Rotary box is in the storage closet. You will need to have available:

o Guest sign-in sheet

o Guest name-badges

o Rotary meeting make-up cards

o Orono member meeting registration

o Pens

o Moneypouch


Greet all members/guests as they arrive.

Make sure the guest speaker has what they need. The person providing the speaker should be available to


Collect money from visiting Rotarians and give them a make-up card

If there are other guests of club members who are not immediate potential members, make sure the member

pays for the guest's meal or check the "Bill Me" box on the guest sheet.

Make sure guests have name tags

Be prepared to introduce all guests other than the speaker.

Give the invocation (prayer/reading) after the Pledge of Allegiance

Take notes during the meeting. A form is provided in the Greeter Materials in the supply box. Type up the

notes and email to Dave Shaughnessy at by end-of-day the following Monday.

At the end of the meeting, make sure all badges are turned in, the materials for the Rotary box are put back,

and the Rotary box is returned to the storage closet.



Set-Up Duties


Because we are in a commercial space with a meal being delivered rather than being in a restaurant, there is more set-up involved in creating a friendly and practical meeting space. It isn't possible for the Host/Greeter to do the set-up and still function well as our Greeter. The set-up person's job is especially important in ensuring a smoothly functioning meeting environment.

You need to arrive by 7AM at the latest!

  Set the Happy Bucks jar, gavel, and bell on the table closest to the meal serving line where the Pres has easy


Make sure the tables and chairs are set up properly for our normal meeting arrangement.

Lay out the materials we will need for our breakfast on the serving sideboard. These items are kept in the

storage closet. Serving utensils are in the drawers.

o Coffee cups

o Juice cups

o Napkins

o Utensils

o Paper plates


When the food arrives, make sure that it is laid out properly and set for efficient distribution.

At the end of the meeting, make sure the room is cleaned up and put all materials away in the storage closet.


Clean up the food serving area including washing the serving utensils and putting them away.


Thanks for all your help in making our meetings interesting, enjoyable and informative.