Contact: Tom Geiger
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Orono Police - Community Room
2730 Kelley Parkway
Long Lake, MN
United States of America

The theme of our meeting this week is one of renewal. Self care is essential to being able to sustainably serve others. Using key principles found in nature, Dan Neitz will lead an interactive session designed to help members reflect on their experience of being in Orono Rotary. The goal of the meeting is for members to leave feeling energized and more connected to their reason for joining Orono Rotary.


Dan is a resident of nearby Plymouth, MN. In May of 2015, he nearly died from toxic shock syndrome. Naturally this experience fostered some deep reflection on his journey. As a result he started COR, which is latin for heart. Leveraging Dan’s engineering, sales and psychology background along with a passion for purpose, COR is dedicated solving leadership challenges that impact motivation.