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Orono Police Community Room
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Basic fairness and faith in good government are truly non-partisan issues.  Data from the 2020 census will be used to draw our MN voting maps for the next decade.

Deborah Zvosec is representing a multi-partisan coalition of volunteers (MN Alliance for Democracy) working with the public and our state legislators to pass a bi-partisan bill to create a multi-partisan citizen's commission to draw our MN voting maps in a fair and open/transparent process. One in which we can all have faith. 

With bi-partisan support and participation from legislators the coalition is connecting with citizens around the state, to ask for their support and also to elicit questions, comments, and feedback to share as we collaborate in the drafting of a final bill.  So far, they have gathered over 5000 supporters, petitioning around Minnesota, at parades, festivals, meetings, book clubs and gatherings of all kinds, including Rotary.  Knocking doors and talking with community members from North Branch to Rochester and many places in between.

Debroah says she is looking forward to the opportunity to share information about their collective efforts with the Orono Rotarians and gather your thoughts and feedback.​