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Many of us are a wee bit exhausted or overwhelmed from the events of the past year.

There’s that lingering virus, racial injustice, a divisive presidential election and a capitol riot.  That’s on top of social media and global challenges and any personal concerns that we were already facing going into 2020.

And don’t even get us started on the Vikings.

So where – in an uncertain and sometimes scary time -- can we look for hope?

Jack Lee, Executive Director of Voyager Outward Bound School will share how he personally and in the mission of Outward Bound, sees the many big challenges noted above but also many reasons for hope:

Outside/ External -- Growing Recognition of the problems, Awareness of the need to engage/ higher level of engagement, signs of hope from our younger generations
Inside/ Internal  -- Keeping historical perspective, sense of humor, gratitude as a regular practice, and there's more in you than you know
Action -- The power of connection and Service, service, service

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