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Orono Police Community Room
2730 Kelley Parkway
Long Lake, MN 55356
United States of America

Join us for a conversation with Steve Markusen about developing habits. Steve says:

Our quality of life depends on the quality of our habits. Are your habits putting you on a path for success? Positive habits improve productivity, knowledge, relationships and attitude. Negative habits increase stress, and create negative thoughts like, anger and resentment.

Small changes in habits, insignificant at first, can compound over time achieving significant results. Too often we underestimate the value of small changes convinced instead only big changes will change our life. To the contrary, much of the success achieved by professional British professional cyclists over the last ten years can be attributed to the strategy of aggregation of marginal gains: searching for tiny improvements in everything they do.

Steve’s moto is, “younger each year.” He has spent a lifetime training for adventure sports and is still an active rock and ice climber, backcountry skier, and paraglider pilot. He is a competitive cyclist winning multiple gold medals at the Minnesota Senior Olympics. Over the last six years, he has turned that passion into a career helping others achieve their life goals as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Steve is also a professional writer with articles published in national magazines and international literary journals. He also enjoys public speaking on topics including commitment, motivation, creating healthy habits, and aging.

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