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Zoom or Orono Police Community Room
2730 Kelley Parkway
Long Lake, MN 55356
United States of America

Join us for conversation with JJ Parker, a tech company CEO and Melissa Albers, an executive coach who partnered to create The Self Awareness Journey after being on their own self discovery journeys.

The two define self-awareness as knowing real time what your thoughts and feelings are, and recognizing how they are impacting you. This free resource and coaching model helps people better understand themselves, and deal with stress and anxiety in a more helpful way.   Included are a roadmap, lessons, podcasts and videos to teach you things like understanding your feelings and what triggers you.  Additionally, JJ and Melissa also deliver corporate wellness programs with curated content to implement support opportunities within companies.  They want people to know that mental and emotional wellness can be practiced just like physical health and wellbeing.  More information can be found at and on most podcast platforms.


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