Date:  11/7/13

Guests and Visiting Rotarians:  Brian McCollor (Speedy)

Announcements:  Melanie gave an update on the International Festival. This year Rotary Club of Orono had a UN stamp for around the world activity. The young children who did the dance were very good and very proud of themselves.  This is a great contribution our club makes to this event.


No meeting on Thursday next week as we are meeting at the Bayview Center in Excelsior on Tuesday, November 12, at noon with several other clubs.


We will contribute $200 to the Warm, Hands, Heads, and Hearts project again this year.


The Veteran’s Day ceremony will be at 4:30, Monday, November 11, at Nelson Park.  If you can’t make that one there is one at the Nursing Home in Maple Plain at 2:00 on Monday.


Happy Bucks Highlights:  Happy the Orono School District Referendum passed. Melanie was happy Andy won the Scarecrow contest in Maple Plain. (music/band theme).  Kevin was happy he got to go to the Delta Marsh in Manitoba, Canada duck hunting.  Ted figured out the old way of looking for deer is better than new technology. Mike is hoping luck will change in watching the Texas A&M football team this weekend.


Speaker Notes:  Scott Welle was our speaker this morning.  He is a motivational speaker for personal, business, sports psychology, or just about any area. 


Scott gave an example of how things get into your head.  “Pushing the SUBMIT button to sign up for something you are really not sure you want or can accomplish.”  

Most everyone’s fear is “public speaking”.  Why? You feel judged. 

All successful athletes have 1) a good attitude and feel grateful when they wake up in the morning.  This puts them into a good mindset for the day.  3 things that help you become successful: 1) attitude

                                                         2) effort

                                                         3) preparation   

How we adopt habits:

We try to change too much in too little time.  Only 5% can change things this way.  Start out changing 1 little thing for 30 days.  Then another  small thing the next 30 days and so forth.  You then will be more successful changing 12 different things in a year.


Awareness of small habits create outcome best.


3 things people wish they would have done more:

1)   more time with relationships

2)   more fun

3)   taken more risks  

Breaking outside of your comfort zone within reason helps fulfill life.

October 31st Meeting

Happy Halloween.  Happy bucks were filled with stories of the past Halloween activities.

Our speaker was Lisa, who is an Exchange Student with us for the year.  Lisa talked about her mother who is a teacher and her father who is a salesman of computers.  Lisa's brother is 21 years old and is currently serving I the army; she also has a 7 year old sister and a 3 year old brother.  Tintin, the family dog, rounds out her family.

School is divided into 1st - 3rd, 4th - 6th, and 7th - 9th grades.  After 9th grade students choose a track which they would like to pursue and can choose which school they wish to attend.  Lisa's school was about an hour away from home by bus.

October 24th Meeting

Guests and visiting Rotarians:

- Ted Knutsen's granddaughters

- Art Hoffman and Brian Bratt from West Metro Rotaract


- November 12th District meeting with Excelsior, Wayzata and surrounding communities

- Club Assembly next week to continue visioning session

- The Pavilion Project is going very well and the school district is very happy with the project

Happy Buck Highlights:

- Mike Fleitman is going to Texas A&M for the football game

- Kevin Krolczyk is happy about going bowling with the Bakkens

- Diane is excited about going to Washington

- Chrysanne is happy for a relaxed week

Speaker Notes:

- Brian and Art talked about Rotaract and engaging local youth

- There are 10,000 Rotaract Clubs in the US

- There are 3 Rotaract Clubs in Minnesota 

- Birmingham Rotaract is the largest in the nation

- The mission is to Learn, Socialize, and Serve

- 7 Members in the current club

- The website is

- Our club can be a speaker at Rotaract soon

- Upcoming event on November 12th at Rojo Grill titled "Unleashing Your Professional Potential Through Service"