Thank you Jay
Visting: Ted Knutson and Bob Halagan
Next week club assembly
Highway clean-up - date is May 9th
Fiesta Grande celebration - March 7
Happy Bucks:
Traveling plans
Youth Exchange conference
Drug Task Force - 3.2 million off streets
Mike moving to Denver
Valentine's Day plans
Speaker Notes:
Bob Halagan - Buffalo Rotary and District Governor elect
First generation American from Czechoslavakia
First one in family to graduate college, also went to law school
Wrote grant as Bufflao Rotary president to help Guatamalen children get education
Rotary clubs should be asking for more grant money
District is asking for each member to give $365 to Foundation
Trying to reach $1 million
Trying to get to 300 Paul Harris Fellows - $1000 per year in charitable giving